Welcome! I am a lifestyle family and lifestyle newborn photographer. Since I was a child, I have always had the heart of a day dreaming artist.  Always creating , always dreaming, always believing.  My passion and love is to capture the unexpected moments that tell the true story.  Inspired by the reality that pictures can freeze a moment,  my desire is to capture scenes that make you feel something inside. We often get so caught up in the chaos of our every day that we seldom stop to "see". As time goes on, the only tangible thing we have left of our past is a photograph. I find this to be a powerful thing. To look back and remember the beauty in our ordinary moments that we too often miss. This is why my passion is finding the beauty in every day life through the lens of my camera. 

Photography is my way of redeeming the time in moments of life that may seem "normal", "mundane", or even "messy". Lifestyle family photography is an artistic way of capturing a family in a way that tells a story. It is more directed than "posed" and captures the true emotional connection of a family.  My goal is to always capture the true personalities of the children and the families I photograph..and I'd love to capture yours too! 



Located in New Jersey

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