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Mentorship with Portfolio Review & Mini Course PDF

Intentionality Matters.  If you want to become identifiable in your work, find your OWN style, or simply want to grow- you need to know why you’re doing what you do in your work. If we want to take moments that are ordinary and amplify them, we need to constantly ask ourselves how we will achieve our end goal using the tools we have. Just as a painter intentionally chooses everything in their work from brushes and brush strokes, to the canvas, colors and type of paint. We also need to think through each piece of our work similarly. Our light, colors, location, composition, lens choice, etc, are all tools we have to help us create a photo. Intentionality is KEY.


What does my mentorship include?

  • 1 hour zoom call
  • Portfolio Review
  • 18 page PDF Mini Course on things discussed

My mentorship is a detailed look into your work, meant to help you go deeper and to grow as an artist. Also includes an in-depth portfolio review (of 100-150 images) where we will discuss strengths/weaknesses and help you set some goals to improve on both. We will go over some elements of photography & how you are using them, to look at where you are now and help you connect the dots to where you want to be. This is great for any photographer wanting more clarity and direction, looking for constructive feedback, and/or trying to find their style. If you are feeling like you are missing something, needing another eye to look at your work, or simply want to grow, this mentorship/mini course is for you.

The Goal:

This mentorship is meant to help you find who YOU are in this industry, not to make you like me or anyone else. It’s a challenge to think deeper, to be INTENTIONAL,  to set yourself up for continual growth, and to support you along the way. 


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“A creative life is an amplified life. it’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more intersting life.” elizabeth gilbert